by João Maria Gusmão

Published by Pato em Pequim and
Sies+Hoke Gallery

English / Portuguese

80 pages, singer stiched, dust jacket, 
210 x 266 mm
Designed by Ana Baliza


€10 / $14(free shipping with Massa Confusa
or  TOUT encyclopaedia)

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Check the following unique article online. It goes by the name of ALVORADA. I hear everyone likes it. You should get one yourself, it might come in handy. It’s a bit of a booklet, but, then again, not really. Quite exclusive, one should note, for if I owned a copy myself, I wouldn’t lend it and would cherish such ephemera as I do with the Bible. How rare an item it has become! The author, João Maria Gusmão, wrote it in dismay, surely inspired by the muse of grief, and has subsequently regretted ordering so few of these tomes from the printer. The content is hard to classify, falling into the category of neither this nor that kind of printed matter: a mash-up of Victorian cynicism, meta-literature and Zen culture. Brush strokes and dada absurdism.
Buy now or fail to order later.

(ALVORADA was written for the occasion of a homonymous exhibition at Sies+Hoke Gallery by João Maria Gusmão, Dusseldorf, May ’22. It features a Faustian short story written apropos of the works shown by the artist and skewed reproductions of his exhibited artwork.)