Pato em Pequim is a platform for research, creation and production in Contemporary Art. Owned by João Maria Gusmão, it was originally founded with Pedro Paiva in 2015.

In addition of supporting the production of João Maria Gusmão’s artwork (recent solo work and with Pedro Paiva until 2018), Pato em Pequim has been the promoter and partner of several exhibitions, curatorial projects and a book publisher. These activities have been developed in association with a community of artists, art galleries and organisations in the visual arts field.

Highlighting several projects with the artist Gonçalo Pena focused on the edition and exhibition of his graphical work, specifically in the editions of three volumes of drawings: Monkey Trip, 2014, Unfinished Mandarin, 2016, and Barber Shop, 2021, all edited by Mousse Publishing, and several exhibitions curated or co-curated by João Maria Gusmão from Gonçalo Pena like Metafísica, presented in ZDB, Lisbon 2020, and Barber Shop at the Museu Serralves in Porto, 2021.

Also noteworthy is the continued collaboration of Pato em Pequim with artist Mattia Denisse, in support of his artistic production and the author's publications - a collaboration that has extended into several projects over the last two decades - and the partnership with Associação Zé dos Bois, curator Natxo Checa, and the artist Alexandre Estrela.

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