Lusque-Fusque Arrebol, the golden twilight

by João Maria Gusmão

Published by Pato em Pequim and Cristina Guerra Gallery

English / Portuguese
32 pages booklet,  162 x 225 mm
Designed by Ana Baliza


€5 / $7

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Finally, for your fortuitus fruition, a fabulous fiddle-faddle of a fable. LUSQUE FUSQUE ARREBOL is obviously a brochure worth bartering. Concocted from João Maria Gusmão’s ideas for a film exhibition without a proper flick, it’s a flyer tainted by the red tinge of twilight. Meaning that, the tale here inscribed is by dusk inspired, in all its metaphorical possibilities, but also by its refractive reflexion. Featuring Doctor Faustus and Aladdin’s talking head, it’s a seafaring adventure meets a thousand-and-one-nights kind of narrative, hoarsely humorous with pearls of venerable wisdom, revery and delusion.
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(LUSQUE FUSQUE ARREBOL was displayed at Cristina Guerra Gallery from late February ’22 ‘till 30th April of the same year.)