by João Maria Gusmão

Published by Pato em Pequim and
Cristina Guerra Gallery

English / Portuguese

Pink  on pink paper
14 pages, newspaper, 
225 x 336 mm

Designed by Ana Baliza


€2 / $3

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Cheesy! says he who thought Faustus didn’t grin at the devil’s frown. Here’s another ephemera published by João Maria Gusmão, this time for the occasion of Gonçalo Pena’s Eau-de-Cologne exhibition at Cristina Guerra, Lisbon. “What is it?” Well, it’s an untarnished gossip rag, pink and perfumed with the essence of cheap musk fragrance. Edited by Gusmão’s literary character of choice, Doctor Faustus, the reader is enlightened of how he became the devil’s apprentice – speaking ill of all, giving ears to rumours, insinuating evil and conspiring to foist illness upon upstanding citizens. Yuck, ick, ugh, it’s distasteful and disgusting.
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(Eau-de-Cologne, by Gonçalo Pena, was curated by João Maria Gusmão and presented at the Cristina Guerra Gallery from 19th January to 11th March 2023 )